Brinkman Partners

Commercial Brokerage: Investment Services

At Brinkman Partners, we specialize in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate investments. Our market insight gives us an advantage in seeking out opportunities that best fit our clients’ investment portfolios.  We have direct access to investment deals that range in property type, asset type, and size and we are able to leverage our expertise and relationships to ensure that we are on the forefront of transactions and market availability. At Brinkman, we are committed to working with our clients to provide creative solutions for even the most complex acquisitions. Our Investment Services Include:

Investment Underwriting

  • Conduct discounted cash flow analysis
  • Conduct internal rate of return analysis
  • Identify leverage optimization scenarios
  • Evaluate post-purchase value-add opportunities

Existing Tenant Review

  • Perform legal review of existing leases
  • Conduct extensive tenant interviews
  • Investigate tenant financial strength

Investment Risk Review

  • Perform lease rollover risk analysis
  • Develop capital expenditure projections
  • Identify relevant site, local, regional, and national influences

Third-Party Report Oversight

  • Coordinate Environmental Assessment Report (ESA)
  • Coordinate Property Condition Assessment (PCA)
  • Coordinate soils, roof, government compliance reports
  • Coordinate legal review of surveys
  • Coordinate legal review of title commitment

Sales/Dispositions of Assets

  • Conduct valuation and market analysis
  • Prepare and assemble buyer’s due diligence package
  • Execute comprehensive marketing plan
  • Orchestrate transactional services  from contract to close

Other Full-Spectrum Services

Our services to clients also include:

  • Zoning and allowable uses review
  • Tax assessment reviews
  • Drafting purchase agreement documents, estoppel forms, SNDA forms and lease confirmation certificates
  • Financing and equity coordination
  • Full transactional and closing services
  • Ongoing property management