Brinkman Partners

Real Estate Management: Services


Our Leasing Services expertise provides our clients with a significant advantage in obtaining and retaining tenants for their properties. We utilize systematic processes, effective targeting techniques, online tools, and extensive screening procedures to ensure efficient leasing, organized oversight of leases, and seamless lease renewal. 

Our Leasing Services Include:

  • Coordination of property showings
  • Drawing up of leasing agreements and forms
  • Screening of applicants
  • Oversight of execution of lessees
  • Set up of online payment program


Asset Management

Asset Management is an integral part of our Real Estate Management services. Through this, we lead the oversight of all property financials by utilizing our standard tools, processes, procedures, documents and physical and electronic filing systems to ensure consistent, effective, efficient, and accountable performance. 

Our Asset Management Services Include:

  • Accounting for property and ownership entity
  • Loan and debt services
  • Supervision of property insurance
  • Rent collection and delinquency mitigation
  • Holding of security deposits in escrow account
  • Payment of all expenses
  • Bidding and contracting of vendors


Property Management

Our professional onsite Property Management provides direct efficiencies for both owners and tenants. We have established standards implemented by our highly-trained staff that continually maintain the integrity of each property while providing tenants with a level of service that they come to know and expect. Superior and experienced property management allows owners to meet customers’ expectations while yielding the greatest return on a property.

Our Property Management Services Include:

  • 24/7 property management
  • Day-to-day execution of repairs, maintenance, and improvements
  • Coordination of service agreements
  • Oversight of property and tenant concerns and emergencies
  • Management of onsite vendors and subcontractors



Our Marketing Services allow our clients to connect with prospective and existing tenants while growing their property’s brand and reach.  We are able to create a distinct identity for each property that makes it recognizable in the minds of potential tenants. We then take that recognition and leverage it throughout pieces within a marketing plan that target those tenants while building overall awareness of the property.

Our Marketing Services Include:

  • Property branding
  • Property website development
  • Target market identification and analysis
  • Marketing plan conception and implementation
  • Brand growth through press, advertising, marketing materials, and social media
  • Promotional event planning